Marina Shcherbenko

Curator, art dealer

Marina Shcherbenko graduated from Cherkasy art school, College of the Kyiv National Technologies and Design University) majoring in art, fashion design; Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, majoring in management; International Management Institute in Kyiv under the MBA program (master’s degree in business administration), majoring in financial management. Shcherbenko founded the Bottega Gallery, specializing in contemporary art (2008) and Shcherbenko Art Center (2012), the experimental space for contemporary art. Founded the annual competition for young Ukrainian artists MUHi (2009).

Organized solo and group exhibitions of Tyberiy Silvashi, Olexandr Zhyvotkov, Max Vityk, Fine Art Preserve group, series of projects at the Art Kyiv Contemporary, International Art Forum of Abstract and Figurative art [=]; annual: MUHi (contest for young Ukrainian artists), Involved, Habitat etc.

Marina Shcherbenko was invited as an international juror at Czech Contest for YoungArtists Jindrich Chalupecky Award.

Lives and works in Kyiv.