Terms and Conditions 

Basic Conditions

  • Artists (painting, graphic art, plastic art, photography, installation) aged 20 to 35 are eligible for participation;
  • Artists (hereinafter — “the Participants”) should be citizens of Ukraine;
  • To take part in the All-Ukrainian Open Competition for the Young Artists GRANT UART 2014 (hereinafter — “the Competition”) artists should fill out all fields of the application form at the official web-page www.grant.uart.eu (hereinafter — “Web-site”), upload and send it. In the application form artists should indicate their personal details, describe the concepts of their artworks and attach photos/videos of the works (3 to 7) of the size, indicated in the application form. There is a maximum of 7 artworks per person allowed to be submitted. If there are examples of previous projects (works), Participant may send them, collected in one PDF-file with the concept description and photos;
  • Participant`s access to the Web-site (www.grant.uart.eu) and its usage are entirely subjected to this Regulation;
  • GRANT UART 2013 finalists are not eligible for participation in GRANT UART 2014;
  • Registration in the Competition is free of charge;
  • All submitted works should be created by the Competition Participant and be his/her property. Organizer assumes that the Participant has all rights to present his/her works at the Competition;
  • Only applications containing all necessary information in Ukrainian or Russian languages will be considered. By submitting an application, Participants acknowledge they have read and agreed to the Competition Regulation;
  • Regardless of the result of considering an application (acceptance or denial), participants will receive answer via e-mail;
  • Each participant may apply to the Contest only once within the term of applications submission;
  • Participant cannot amend the application after submission;
  • Application for participation may be denied due to incorrect filling out, inconsistency to basic conditions (age, field of activity, authorship, etc.)
  • Each Participant, in case of winning the Competition, agrees to take part in the Ukrainian Project GRANT UART 2014 at the Vienna Fair and other events related to GRANT UART 2014, to provide their competition works for participation;
  • In case of winning artists shall guarantee availability of submitted works in Ukraine, their authorship and ownership rights and provide a proof of such if required;
  • In case of winning, Participant may offer additional works for the project to the Organizer, however, the final choice is up to the Organizer;
  • The Organizer does not cover expenses for the production of the works of art;
  • Each finalist shall grant the right to exhibit his/her competition works to the Organizer without compensation, as well as the right to use their images for the purposes of the Competition (photo and video shooting, on TV, for archiving, for publishing in the catalogue, in the Internet and printed media etc.) with mandatory copyright notice;

Consideration of Participants’ Applications and Competition Schedule

  • All applications accepted for participation in the Competition are evaluated on equal grounds and on a first-come — first-served basis;
  • Electronic applications are accepted from April 23th to June 23th 2014 at www.grant.uart.eu;

  Applications are considered in two stages:

  • 1st stage (April 23th to June 25th 2014) — selection of 30 finalists by the Ukrainian Expert Council. The experts vote based on 20-point rating scale. 30 artists with the highest ratings based on Ukrainian experts voting results move to the second stage. In case if two artists competing for 30th place receive the same number of points, both of them move to the second stage;
  • – 30 finalists of the first stage should go through additional in English at the www.grant.uart.eu;
  • 2nd stage (June 26th — July 15th 2014) — selection of 5 grant recipients by International Panel of 3 experts;
  • Grant recipients will be announced in the end of July 2014;
  • Award ceremony and press conference with the grant recipients will be held in early September 2014.

Competition Panel and Expert Council

  • The Ukrainian Expert Council consists of competent domestic art figures: curators, art critics, gallery owners and journalists — total of 16 experts;
  • The International Panel consists of renowned international figures in the field of contemporary art — 3–5 experts;
  • Decisions are made by a majority vote.

After Finalists are Selected

  • The Panel finishes selecting and announces grant recipients by the end of July 2014;
  • The Organizer will notify each finalist and ask to provide artworks for photo shoot and catalogue preparation which shall be published by the official award ceremony;
  • The Organizer shall notify grant recipients about further events schedule and provide visa and customs documentation support as well as assist in shipment finalists’ works abroad;
  • September 2014 — announcement of the grant recipients, press conference with them, catalogue presentation;
  • October 2014 — Opening of the Ukrainian Project GRANT UART 2014  at the Vienna Fair;
  • December 2014 — Opening of winners’ exhibition in Kyiv;
  • The organizers reserve the right to adjust all dates;
  • The Organizers and grant recipients sign cooperation agreements for the period of winner’s exhibitions;
  • Shipment and installation of any piece of art shall be performed within the terms determined by the Organizer. The Organizer covers all packing, transportation and customs costs during transportation (both domestic and international) of the works from/to Kyiv under the conditions outlined in agreement, concluded with each participant. Any additional expenses occurring due to nonobservance by the Participant of the agreements’ terms shall be covered by the Participant;
  • The Organizers shall insure the works of art for the entire period of transportation and temporary use, based on its costs indicated by Participants. Any other kind of insurance may be undertaken at Participant`s expense;
  • The Participants agree to provide the Organizer with all information necessary for customs registration and agree to sign any other required separate agreements (for the transportation and temporary use of artworks), that may be needed for customs registration during transportation to the exhibition in accordance with applicable legislation;
  • The Participant agrees to provide information about artworks’ dimensions and technical characteristics to the Organizer, so they are able to secure appropriate package, installation and dismantling of artworks. The Participant takes full responsibility for accuracy of such information and agrees to cover any additional expenses that may occur if provided information was not accurate.

Copyright and Privacy Policy

  • The Participant reserves all copyright and ownership rights. During exhibition and publication of the artworks authorship will be indicated based on the information provided by participant in his/her application.
  • Participants shall grant the Organizers rights for reproduction of the provided artworks for the catalogue, archiving such images and publishing them on the Web-site and in any other form chosen by the Organizers as well as for artworks exhibiting;
  • Information provided by Participant shall not be sold or used by third parties. Such information shall be used only for the purposes of the Contest and for informing Participant regarding the status of his/her application.

Liability of the Parties

  • Participants acknowledge that they are solely responsible for all information, text, graphic images, dynamic images, logos, photos, images, audio, illustrative and other materials (hereinafter — “ the Content”) submitted by him/her;
  • The Organizers carry no responsibility for any damages occurring as a result of use of any contest information by the Participant;
  • Participant agrees to assume all risks related to any of his/her Content use;
  • In case of or as a result of any violation of this Regulation by the Participant, the latter indemnifies the Organizers from any responsibility and guarantee compensation of losses.
  • In case of any disputes, claims or law suits from third parties, including owners of copyright and allied rights for the work of art (including its elements), Competition Participant deals with them on his/her behalf and own expense.

Guarantees of Intended Usage of the Web-Page

Participant agrees:

  • Not to upload files that contain viruses or corrupted data that may damage other person’s computer or property;
  • Not to advertise, offer to purchase, sell goods or services or use Web-site for any commercial purposes;
  • Not to represent him/herself falsely;
  • Not to use the Web-site in any way that may damage, put out of action, overload or impair Web-site performance;
  • Not to try receiving unauthorized access to other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Web-site through hacking or any other method;
  • Not to break any applicable laws and regulations.

Governing Law

These Conditions are governed and are subject to interpretation according to the Laws of Ukraine. According to this Regulation the Participant is subject to jurisdiction of Ukrainian courts only.