Mikhail Rashkovetsky

Art historian, art critic, curator

Mikhail Rashkovetsky was born 1954 in Odessa, Ukraine. He graduated the Philology Department of Odessa State University (1978), Department of Visual Arts Theory and History of the St. Petersburg Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Institute (1992). In 1982–1996 he was head of Odessa Art Museum Exhibition Department, in 1993–1996 — Chairman of the New Art Association Board. In 1994 Rashkovetsky co-curated the Tirs Museum of Modern Art (Odessa); in 1996–2000 — directed the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art — Odessa. Since 2002 Rashkovetsky has been a director of the Museum of History of Odessa Jews, since 2013 — co-curator of Museum of Odessa Modern art. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

Gave lectures and seminars on contemporary visual arts theory and history at Odessa Art Museum, Odessa Polytechnic University (Cultural Department), Odessa State University (Department of Philosophy), Odessa Museum of the History of Jews, Hudpromo art gallery, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

Author of many periodical publications (since 1989): Odessa-based Artpodgotovka, Kyiv-based Terra Incognita, Parta, Fine Art, Art Ukraine, Korydor, Moscow-based Khydozhestvennyi Zhurnal (Moscow Art Magazine), Decorative Art.

Selected curatorial projects

2013 — Self-government: Cultural Evolution vs. Revolution (Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Odessa Art Museum);
1997 — Unnatural Selection (Center of Ukrainian Culture, Odessa);
1996 — Phantom-Opera (Odessa);
1995 — Doctor Frankenstein Studio. Neochimerism (Odessa);
1995 — Kandinsky Syndrome (Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore);
1995 — Non-Stop (Tirs Museum of Modern Art, Odessa,);
1994 — Free Zone International Festival (Odessa);
1990 — After Modernism — 2 (Odessa Art Museum);
1989 — After Modernism (Odessa Art Museum).