Vlodko Kaufman

Art Director "Dzyga" gallery, curator, artist

Vlodko Kaufman was born in 1957 in Kazakhstan. He studied at the Ivan Trush Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. In 1976–1978 as an active participant of the «appartment exhibitions» was under surveillance of KGB and had to move out of Lviv to Leningrad oblast of Russia, where lived in 1980–1984. Afterwards Kaufman returned to Kyiv and studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, architecture department.

In 1989–1993 had been a member of «The Way» art group. Vlodko Kaufman was a co-founder and artistic director of the Dzyga Art Association (1993) and of the Institute of Contemporary Art (2007, Lviv).